Castle Crashers for XBLA "Completely Completed"

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The cartoony multiplayer side-scrolling brawler, promising one of the deepest gameplay experiences of any Xbox Live Arcade game, is finished. So says developer The Behemoth on its official dev blog. No release date as of yet - it will take "a couple months at the very least" to finish QA, certification XBLA bureaucracy, etc. etc.


Behemoth posted some new screenshots, and says the devblog will update with more character profiles even though the game's finished. Any guess what the points cost for this thing will be?

Castle Crashers is Completely Completed[Castle Crashers Development Blog, big thanks to GeorgeLiquor and Spade0013]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@ItsSuperEffective:I'd wager that they've been working on CC for a long while and when I first heard of CC, the PS3 wasn't even out. Money of course may be a factor if it ever shows up outside of it.

@Zim:It's a hood, but it's closed, for some reason.

@dead_red_eyes:800 points would be perfect.