Carrion's Switch Icon Is Less Horrible Now

Left: Nightmare orifice. Right: Mutant lobsters.
Left: Nightmare orifice. Right: Mutant lobsters.
Screenshot: Devolver Digital

Phobia Game Studio’s Carrion is a cool little game in which players terrorize scientists as a hideous tentacled monster. It used to have a Switch game icon that looked like a grotesque body opening. Now its icon looks like mutant lobsters at play. It’s a definite improvement.


The biggest improvement to the Carrion Switch icon isn’t the replacement of the original tortured flesh passageway with alien crustaceans--it’s the prominent display of the game’s name. As Switch owners decided years ago, the best game icons incorporate the game’s logo into the art. Of the 50 games I currently have loaded on my Switch, only four of them—Musynx, Sonic Mania, Rune Factory 4 Special, and Digimon Cyber Sleuth—are logo-less. It’s pretentious, assuming players will recognize your game by image alone.

Good job getting in line, Carrion. Now I can finally show my Switch home screen in mixed company without being embarrassed again.

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That old icon is clearly a vagina. I mean shit, they even have a little bulb at the top for the clit. I’d almost be more impressed if they’d kept it.