Care for a Ubisoft fighting game or RPG? They're coming

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Ubisoft chairman Yves Guillemot told a group of investors and industry executives in New York today that the publisher of Assassin's Creed is developing games in new genres for the company, including RPGs, sports, music, and fighting games.


Speaking at the BMO Capital Markets digital entertainment conference, Guillemot did not offer specifics though he did peg the release for Trackmania 2 next year.

The company is also working on a Might & Magic called Heroes Kingdoms for early next year as a fantasy MMO.

Guillemot said the company is hard at work on casual games for Microsoft's project Natal and Sony's motion controller.

He pegged the company's big three release for the first quarter of next year as Splinter Cell Conviction, Red Steel 2 and RUSE.


Reverend Hunt

If their TMNT fighting game had 3 Rabbids out of a total roster of 16, will a game that is supposed to cover all of Ubisoft's major franchises instead only have Rabbids?

Seriously, I would have preferred three more TMNT characters (even copy + pasting three different Triceraton characters would have been more acceptable), and then made their own UbiBrawl. #mightmagic