Carcassonne Coming To A DS Near You

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Classic German board game Carcassonne - which has already turned up on Xbox Live Arcade - will also soon be making the leap to the Nintendo DS, courtesy of Koch Media.

This DS version will contain the original board game along with expansion "River", but also expands upon this by introducing three new "worlds", described as Asian, Nordic and Arabic. There'll be straight-up multiplayer, either via single or multi-cart, as well as a story mode.

It's due sometime later this year.

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Hopefully it'll have more than just the River expansion, and hopefully it'll have game-sharing multiplayer (but I doubt that part). Carcassonne was the first European board game I played, and it really got me into them big time.

Now, when are we gonna see Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, and Arkham Horror on consoles?