Goodness! Just when you thought unusual sushi couldn't get any more, well, unusual, there's this: Caramel banana sushi. Starting tomorrow, conveyor belt sushi chain Kura is offering it in Japan.

Remember, sushi rice is made with vinegar. Caramel is sweet. Then, there are bananas to contend with. All at once. In your mouth.

This is very unusual. I think it's odd, you think it's odd, and you bet many people in Japan think it's odd. "This looks awful," wrote one commenter on GirlsChannel. "No way would I eat this." (On other forums, however, there have been a handful of Japanese commenters who seem keen.)

Here is what the real deal looks like:


But... is the caramel banana sushi any good? Courtesy of Entabe, here is celebrity Aya Ueto giving the dish a try earlier today:



Well then!

As Kotaku previously covered, Kura is the same sushi chain that offered chocolate sauce banana sushi. Bananas, indeed.


衝撃「キャラメルバナナ寿司」も—「森永ミルクキャラメル」アレンジメニューがズラリ! [Entabe]

くら寿司「キャラメルバナナ寿司」期間限定で登場 [Hatena News]

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