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Car Shuffleboard Is The Goofiest New Way To Play Rocket League

In the unlikely event that Rocket League becomes boring, these players have come up with a new way to play the game.


“If you’re tired of the peasantry that is Rocket League,” said car soccer aficionado onezealot in a reddit thread, “the crude back-and-forth, the passive aggressive ‘What a save!’’s, and the unrefined tactics, I invite you to play a gentleman’s sport: Shufflecars.”

The video isn’t just a highlight reel of Shufflecars, but shows how the game organically developed from a group of players looking for a new way to Rocket League. They were messing around at 2:30 in the morning when they startedt positioning their cars in weird ways, which inadvertently lead to someone pushing another car down the field—as though it was a puck.


Essentially, players flip on their back with full turbo equipped, and another player comes by and hits them forward. You want to land in the center of the field, where the game would normally spawn the ball that everyone’s after. The other player is allowed to use turbo (once!) to position themselves on the board, but when the turbo runs out, that play is over.

(If that clip doesn’t play for you on a mobile device, click on the image above.)

The full rules are below:

Each team lines up at their own goal. Two cars elect to become the pucks, flipping themselves upside down and ensuring they are full of boost. One car, the Hitter, rams the cars forward with the aim of getting them closest to the ring.

Cars that have been hit MUST remain upside down, and can use their boost to help position themselves better. HOWEVER, boost must be used only once. If you repeatedly boost you will be disqualified. You can use as much boost as you can gather from the field, but once you stop boosting you cannot boost again, and once you run out you must stay where your car comes to a stop. Then the other team takes their turn.

I should also have mentioned that we played a best of three round which seemed perfect. Each round, teams should rotate who is the puck and who is the hitter!


Onezealot suggested players make Shufflecars the de facto way to settle overtime rounds, which sounds pretty great. (I would love it if the developers released tools to help make these official.)

“Shufflecars is in your hands now,” he wrote. “Thank you.”

You can reach the author of this post at or on Twitter at @patrickklepek.

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Matt Vallee

I’m so glad Rocket League has taken off the way it is. Games within games tend to be kind of awesome, like Grifball. Psyonix, how about some custom game modes somewhere down the line?