Look, I know that the Iron Man movies ushered in a new wave of Marvel cinematic dominance. But Tony Stark isn't in charge of things in that superhero universe. Captain America is. He's got actual battlefield experience and a rank in his codename. In this brave new era of Nintendo embracing all things online, full games like Avengers: Battle for Earth can be downloaded to the Wii U. So, if you get Ubisoft's game, make sure that Steve Rogers emerges victorious over the cool exec with a heart of steel whenever you can.

Aside from Battle for Earth, there's a slew of digital wares available for Nintendo systems this week. Fractured Soul looks like it's using the dual screens of the company's handheld in an interesting way, making players shift from platforming action that moves from top to bottom and vive versa. A list of other downloadable games and content available for console and portable follows below: