He's not nearly as attractive as Mirror's Edge heroine Faith, but Captain America certainly has her moves in Sentinel of Liberty, now available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Sentinel of Liberty grants Cap the same endless running, jumping, sliding, and swinging that made the iOS version of Mirror's Edge such a treat, while adding some swipe-based, combo-driven combat and of course, the first Avenger's mighty shield, used here to stun enemies, block projectiles, and bash through weakened obstacles.


While I wouldn't call it Gaming App of the Day material, it's definitely got promise, and when promise fails it also has unlockable costumes and comic book covers. Is it worth $4.99? What am I, your accountant?

Just be warned that the game doesn't seem to be working on the second generation iPod Touch. If that's your iDevice of choice, the World War II-era terrorists have already won.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty [iTunes]

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