If you are 21 and older and going to be in the San Francisco area on Monday October 12th, then Capcom might want you to do something regarding Dark Void - they just won't say what.

Capcom is holding a Top Secret Dark Void event in San Francisco on Monday. So top secret that they won't tell anyone where it is, or what they are doing. For all we know they could be testing out vertical combat and you'll be the live guinea pig. All they will tell you is where to be picked up to be ferried to the event, and even then you need to apply.

In order to be eligible to enter you have to be 21 or older with a valid form of ID, and must be able to make it to the assembly point by 2PM, with the event lasting until 7:30PM. To submit yourself for consideration, click on the link below and follow the instructions there. Then get picked, attend, and let us know how that works out for you.

Join Us for a Top Secret Dark Void Event [Capcom Unity]