Capcom's Plans for PAX... I'm Gonna Need A Bigger Swag Bag

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I'm packing my bags for the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo – packing empty bags, that is, in which to cram all my anticipated swag.


Luckily, Capcom's supplied me with a list of what they're planning on giving away or offering at their store on the weekend of PAX. That should make my attack strategy planning a bit easier.

The first 250 people to hit up their booth on Friday and Saturday score passes to a Resident Evil 5 PC launch party. At said party, Capcom will be giving away:

—Customized TriCell ID badges (meh)
—RE5 snow globes of dubious snowiness (I thought the game took place in quasi-Saharan Africa?)
—Majini makeovers (I'm not sure if that means they make you look like one or they let one go to work on your face.)

The booth, meanwhile, will have tons of stuff from the Capcom Store that you can pay real money for – like the Street Fighter Femme Fatale sticks Fahey blogged. I might seriously consider forking money over to them, having seen the giant-sized Poogie plush from Monster Hunter. Hopefully, though, some of what's at the store might be part of the giveaways Capcom plans to do throughout the day, so I'll just keep checking back. If my swag bag doesn't fill up, that is.

Oh – and they'll have games, too:

RE5 PC, Spyborgs, Fate/Unlimited Codes, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Lost Planet 2, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, and more!


See you on the floor, Kotakuites. Like last year, I'm pulling a Plebian act, so you'll probably have an easier time spotting me than Fahey or Totilo.

Capcom @ PAX: SWAG, RE 5 Party, Demos, and Exclusive Merchandise [Capcom Blog]



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