Capcom's Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Hip-Hop Mixtape Revealed

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The summer re-release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 features the same wacky jazz as the original game, but Capcom revealed to Kotaku today plans for a star-studded free bonus soundtrack players can fight to instead.


Given that not everyone thinks that a battle between Wolverine and M.Bison should be set to jazz, Capcom will offer a downloadable hip-hop mixtape themed to Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. The mixtape will be offered digitally close to the pending summer re-release of the game on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network, according to Capcom.

Forget the jazz. Might you like to beat up Marvel's roster to some hip-hop instead?

Artists features on the game's "mixtape" include the following rap greats, who, we're told, are providing original songs inspired by MvsC2 and other fighting games and fighting game themes:

- Raekwon
- Talib Kweli
- E40
- DJ Qbert
- Hieroglyphics
- The Grouch and Eligh of Living Legends
- Planet Asia
- MC Supernatural
- Havoc of Mobb Deep
- DJ Toure
- And more...

The soundtrack will be issued for free on,, and the game's promo site Capcom is also exploring options for issuing the music downloadable directly to consoles, but has no plans to announce yet.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is a faithful port of the 2000 original, though the new version will support a stretched-background widescreen mode, some optional graphical smoothing and custom soundtracks. All the content that shipped with the original will be in the new release.


Kotaku reader bonus, courtesy of Capcom... here are Raekwon and MC Supernatural making sure the game is pixel-perfect at this year's E3:

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Isaiah Bradley

I'm a hip-hop fan, and looking at the list of artists this is going to be a really good soundtrack.