For years now, Capcom have been focused on increasing their presence in the West. Western-focused games, establishing more studios in the West, you name it, Capcom have done it. But they can - and want to - do more. A big theme running throughout their 2008 annual report is the slogan "Capcom of the world", and they constantly reiterate their desires to build on the success of Western-targeted games such as Dead Rising and Lost Planet. But, uh, why? Here's why: Japan constitutes only 20% of the global gaming market. Yet 53% of Capcom's sales come from the Japanese market. Those numbers don't add up. So while stuff like Monster Hunter will continue to do well in Japan, you can expect the company to pursue more Western games - the ones with zombies in them - in the future. Click through for some zombie games sales figures that sum up what we're talking about.