Capcom vs. Legendary Anime Company!

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This. Is. Cool. The upcoming issue of Famitsu announces an interesting fighting game match-up: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes. Yes, that Tatsunoko, you know, the studio behind TV anime Speed Racer, Casshern and what Westerners know as Robotech. The game is being developed by Capcom and will storm Japanese arcades this winter. It will feature tag battles, and so far Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken Washio from Gatchaman and Casshern have been announced.


Thanks Tak!

Ollie Barder points out: "Robotech isn't owned by Tatsunoko, and Macross has very complicated rights issues (even in Japan) so it's unlikely the Capcom game would feature it. This is a helpful list."



@Interstella: thats funny i was thinking the complete opposite. "please dont be messy and out of control like marvel vs capcom 2, and have more tight gameplay like the capcom vs snk series."

id even settle for the first marvel vs capcom, but the 2nd is too out of control for me (notice i said is, because back in the day, i thought it was one of the best games ever. the more i got into fighting games competitively, the less i liked that game. its too ridiculous.)