Funny thing, that Bionic Commando demo. Here's a game with quite a complex control mechanism, but instead of using the demo to teach you that, they just drop you into a multiplayer match.

Which is leading many to install the demo, fire it up, and hate it. How are they meant to kill people when they don't even know how to swing between buildings?

So Capcom have made a few tweaks, which will let you create private matches within the demo. This way you can edit the demo's time limit and, free from the murderous advances of random strangers, practice your swingy-swingy.

It's not perfect - why they didn't just include the basic tutorial level from previous press events is beyond me - but it is at least an improvement for those willing to give the demo a second chance.


For what its worth, while the game's control scheme is a little tough to get your head/fingers around, after playing the singleplayer tutorial at TGS I was jumping, shooting and swinging around with ease, so hopefully this demo won't taint too many people's opinion of the finished product (which for most will be a singleplayer-only experience anyway).

For a run-down on how to access these private matches, hit the link below.

Bionic Commando Demo Accidentally Gets More Awesome [Capcom]