People are being mean to Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop. So Capcom Product Marketing Manager Colin Ferris dons his flame suit and does his best to offer the game much needed defense.

Let's let Mr. Ferris tackle the complaints. Remember, he is a professional marketer!

Let's get this out of the way: Will DR:CTYD look as beautiful on the Wii as Dead Rising did on the Xbox 360? No. Will it have the same number of zombies on screen at the same time? No. Does that mean we should deny Wii gamers the joy that 360 owners had in surviving three days in a zombie-infested mall? The answer is, obviously, no.



...some claim that the only reason we brought Dead Rising to the Wii was to make money... You're right, we've been caught: We're guilty of being a business. In fact, as a gamer, you should want a brand that you love to be successful, because that increases the chance that we'll make more games. The games business is filled with titles that people love that simply did not make money: Viewtiful Joe. Okami. Zack and Wiki.

Had enough? If not, there are two pages of Ferris running d over at game site GameDaily.

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