Capcom Should Really Bring The New Phoenix Wright West

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There’s a new Phoenix Wright game out in Japan today, which would be cause for way more celebration if publisher Capcom would just announce it for English release already.


Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) is a distant prequel to the main Phoenix Wright games, set in the 19th century and starring the ancestors of Phoenix, Maya, and other characters from the series. Sherlock Holmes is also in there, for some reason, and it’s almost certainly filled with the same charm, humor, and incredible story-telling that peppered all of the previous main games.

Capcom declined to comment on localization—”As you already know, the game has not been confirmed in the west,” a rep told me this morning—which is a little concerning, as they were quick to confirm PW5’s localization not long after it was announced in late 2012. (So far, the only Phoenix Wright game stuck in Japan is Ace Attorney Investigations 2, a spinoff that was held up because of scheduling issues.)


That last game, Dual Destinies, was a digital-only release, which upset at least a few cartridge-loving fans. But I imagine all of us would prefer that over no Western release at all.

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That Lamer

I hope they do bring this game westward.

In both senses.