Capcom Promises: No More Racist Games!

There were some that perceived Capcom's Resident Evil 5 to be a racist game. Not in intent, perhaps, but certainly in its imagery and execution. Well, Capcom have certainly learned their lesson!


Capcom's senior PR manager Melody Pfeiffer has told Gamasutra "Since the RE5 controversy, we have become much more aware of how important it is that we are part of the asset creation process early on so that we are able to have a say in the end product". By "we" she means Capcom USA, so someone from outside Japan can step in and say "uh, no, this will displease people".

"We are also designing a lot of our own assets from this side of the pond, so that we are able to make strategic pieces of content that make sense for our market".

"We are working really closely with our producers in Japan to construct these materials for the West and they are open more then ever to hearing our thoughts and ideas for assets."

Say, Melody, while you're at it, can you ask them to let us move when we shoot when the next Resident Evil rolls around? Thanks!


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