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While the chance to finally get hands on Dead Rising 2 was the biggest draw to Capcom's Tokyo Game Show press party, that's probably not why people hung around.


Capcom's Keiji Inafune took to the stage in a leather replica of the biking jacket worn by the game's protagonist Chuck Greene. He told the awaiting crowd that he designed the tight yellow and black jacket himself and then took it to famed leather works company Kadoya Leather Wear to have it made.

It took some convincing, he said. And there are only two of them in existence: One for Inafune and one for whoever won the night's multiplayer Dead Rising 2 tournament.


The jackets would be forever two of a kind he said. Though Inafune added that if there is enough demand he may have some replicas made. Those, though, won't be the originals.

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