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Capcom doesn't want you to get your hopes up for a new Mega Man game announcement this December.


It isn't the painful lack of a game that's hard to understand about this.

Neither is it to understand them wanting to withhold any future development due to poor sales on previous titles. Especially seeing how big name titles like Bionic Commando failed when previous digital titles were successful.

No, the lack of trying after how many failed projects kills the franchise. Not even attempting to get other developers to try and make a vision of where they were and what might be a future for the blue bomber.

When they decided to use Cover Art Mega Man 1, that basically told players fuck you!

We don't give two shits about trying to be creative, because failure is too painful and my shareholders bitch at me if I don't make enough money.

For the future, I suggest the anniversary is left to fail hard enough that Mega Man dies as a franchise. So two years down the road we can buy the franchise back as fans and do it as we please. Then we can really do something for the big 3-0.