Capcom Announcing Title For Xbox Japan?

Illustration for article titled Capcom Announcing Title For Xbox Japan?

This image just popped up on the Xbox Japan website. It clearly reads "Capcom x Microsoft," which is often short hand for collaborating.

Below that is a date: January 26, 2010. The image also notes, "Capcom Title Premiere for Xbox 360".

This could be an entirely new title ("premiere" carries that connotation, or it could be Capcom announcing that Dark Void is coming to the Xbox 360 in Japan. There isn't much to go on with this images, but it does not mention the word "exclusive". Even if it did state "exclusive", these days third party exclusives go multi-platform eventually and usually with more content.


Stay tuned.

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hard to get excited about this sort of "teaser" does anyone actually even feel teased? i couldn't even care less and im an xbox owner. ive no doubt that whatever it is-its gonna be massively underwhelming.

i could be wrong.

but i dont think i am.

this gimmicky tactic is overused and does not work to hold my interest any more.

if it was in any way brilliant..ty would just announce what it is, and t was worth its weight in salt the product itself would be enough to get us excited.

by ts logic..its product is quiet possibly the opposite.

ill eat my hat if its a fully 3d Mega Man MMORPG.Put it that way.