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A New Monster Hunter Was Just Announced, Looks Amazing

In a Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation today, Capcom announced a new Monster Hunter for 3DS: Monster Hunter X. It debuted with a pretty incredible trailer:

There’s a lot for Monster Hunter fans to get excited about here. There appear to be new special moves for pretty much every weapon shown, and they are EXTREMELY flashy. Capcom also appears to have sexed up the traditionally rather unsexy gunner role. I’m pretty sure I saw some new weapons, as well as new ways to use existing ones - at one point a hunter sticks what looks like the Insect Glaive into the ground, and there’s also a hunter vaulting over the back of a Rathian and SHOOTING DOWN ON ITS BACK, which is very cool indeed. The action seems faster and more ostentatious overall - looks like there are plenty of opportunities to show off.


Interestingly, though a good half of the areas on show were unfamiliar to me, a few of them were definitely present in 4, Tri, and I’m pretty sure I saw the original Monster Hunter village from G (and the one from 3 Portable). Perhaps Monster Hunter Cross is more than just a name.

It’ll be out in Japan this year. Predictably, there’s no word of a Western release at this stage.


This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK, bringing you original reporting, game culture and humour with a U from the British isles. Follow them on @Kotaku_UK.

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I can’t care. Require Wii U game.