Capcom Announces *Another* Phoenix Wright Musical

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The all-female Phoenix Wright musical debuted this month in Japan. Capcom and the Takarazuka Revue are once again collaborating for another Phoenix Wright song-and-dance.


"The decision to produce a sequel was based on the positive feedback from fans of the original," Capcom stated. "The combination of Capcom's story about a passionate young attorney who must defend those who are wrongly accused with elements of love and romance that the Takarazuka Revue provides led to tickets selling out on the first day."

Cleverly dubbed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 2, the musical will be performed at Takarazuka Bow Hall in Hyogo and the Takarazuka Revue's Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo. The Bow Hall performances will run by August 20 - August 31. The Tokyo performance will run from September 5 - September 15.

The ace attorney will once again be played by actress Ranju Tomu and will be written and directed by Kei Suzuki.

The Revue's musicals range from the traditional (Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma!) to anything but (stage versions of Oliver Stone's JFK, Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby).


This shall be the worst musical ev - OBJECTION!!

This shall be the best musical ever. Move over Hairspray, we got a new contender.