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Everyone's favorite Cheltenham-educated grave robber Lara Croft can't be short of a few quid – what with all the golden idols and treasures of the ancients she must have kicking around the attic of Croft Manor. Nevertheless, she seems to have a fairly limited wardrobe. Barring the rare occasions she slips into a ballgown to infiltrate an arms dealer's party or sprays on a swimsuit for shark-dodging shenanigans she seems perfectly happy to leap about the place in what must by now be a rather scruffy pair of hot pants and matching top. In an attempt to broaden Lara's fashion options (and, yes, publicize Tomb Raider: Underworld) ten of Quebec’s top fashion designers are putting together new outfits for the polygonal posh bird as part of the 'Virtually Fashionable' event at the Festival Arcadia games show in Montréal. The best two will be incorporated into the new game, where they will probably end up ruined. Festival Arcadia News [Festival Arcadia]


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