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Throughout Asia, it's common to see attractive celebrities pose with game hardware. The celebs might not be gamers themselves, but they're famous. Most can flub their way through without a gaff. Rainie Yang could not.


At a recent press conference in Taiwan, Sony dated the PS Vita for the region, giving it a Dec. 23 street date. Rainie Yang, a popular singer and variety show host, was on stage to help promote the Vita.

When asked what her favorite game was, Yang replied, "Super Mario Bros."— not exactly the thing Sony wants to hear its paid talent utter.


Apparently, Yang began posing with the Vita after the Mario gaffe. The ensuing photo op didn't fare much better: A grinning Yang held the Vita upside down for all the cameras to see.

Yang is no stranger to gaffes. In 2003, she thought that the 8-year Second Sino-Japanese War was eleven years long. After learning it was "only" eight years, she replied, "Only eight years?"

The public outcry that followed led to a TV boycott and Yang writing a public apology, in which she wrote that she left school early for the entertainment industry and promised to study history more. Add video games to her to homework list!

Update: While not clarified in the original source article, readers have pointed out that Yang was asked what her favorite game was as a child. To which she replied, Super Mario Bros. She apparently now likes Sony games. Watch the interview here.


PlayStation Vita + Rainie Yang = Big Mess [The Magicbox Thanks, 47etienne47!]

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