Can't Get a Wii U? There's Always eBay (and $1000+ Prices)

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Let's say you really, really want a Wii U for Christmas. Problem is, it's pretty tough getting hold of a pre-order, because most places are sold out. What options are you left with?


Two. The first is to suck it up and spend the holidays without a Wii U. The second is to take to eBay and/or Amazon, where savvy assholes and re-sellers are more than happy to get you a Wii U. For a price.

At time of writing there are several Wii U consoles, some with game bundles and some without, going for over $1000 on eBay. Even funnier, shipping on some of these consoles can be priced at $200+. For shipping. It had better get to my house on a procession of elephants sounding trumpets for that kind of fee.

(For reference, the Wii U's retail prices are $299 (standard) and $349 (deluxe) respectively in the US.)

That's the price being asked, though. As for what people are willing to pay, things are a little more reasonable (relatively), with the highest bid on a Wii U auction currently at $465 for the deluxe console, a mark-up of only $116, which isn't too bad.

For now. I'd imagine things will get even crazier once Christmas inches closer and loved ones become more desperate.

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You say "assholes", but its really supply and demand at work here. It can only be a thousand dollars if enough people are willing to pay that much.