Candy Crush's Developers Just Had A Real Bad Day

Illustration for article titled emCandy Crushs/em Developers Just Had A Real Bad Day

King, the controversial developers behind Candy Crush Saga, just finished its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange. It was the single worst first day's trading so far in 2014.


After introducing its stock at $22.50, it never got above that mark, instead slowly retreating throughout the day until it was down to $19, a 15.5% fall.

Why the drop? It could be the fact the company is overly-reliant on Candy Crush. It could be that social games are a bubble, and that Zynga's decline is fresh in investor's minds. It could just be that nobody likes a bully.


King has worst IPO debut of the year on Candy Crush Saga worries [GamesBeat]

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