Canceled Soccer Game Played In Front Of 60,000 Fans (On Twitch)

Sevilla defender Sergio Reguilón
Sevilla defender Sergio Reguilón
Photo: Fran Santiago (Getty)

Spanish sides Real Betis and Sevilla were supposed to play each other in real life on Sunday night, but La Liga’s covid-19 lockdown put paid to that. Not to matter, since both sides just picked one player each—their champion—and had them play the match on FIFA 20 instead.


As Eurogamer report, Sevilla chose on-loan defender Sergio Reguilón, while Betis picked striker Borja Iglesias. The match—important because it’s a derby, with both teams being from Seville—kicked off the same time the actual game had been scheduled to, and having hyped it up on social media 60,000 fans with nothing better to do tuned in to check it out on Twitch.


The game was an absolute banger, with Betis winning 6-5 at the death. Amazingly, the winning goal was scored by Iglesias playing as himself.

If for nothing else, please watch this for the commentary:


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Nice. Some snippets from that commentary clip, which is indeed very good:

“... and he passes to... his childhood invisible friend named Freddy, apparently.”
“... he wanted to score with himself. He wanted to score with the character whose face is my father’s, because it clearly doesn’t look like himself”

Everyone’s a critic at all times, apparently.