Canadian Theaters Let You Game On 50 Foot Screens

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Canada's Cineplex theater chain has opened up 29 of its theaters for gamers, letting them have multiplayer gaming sessions on, most likely, the biggest screen they'll ever have access to — some 50-plus feet wide. Going rate is $179 Canadian, plus tax, for up to twelve people. The CBC report hints that it will only be available for Xbox 360 gaming, at least initially, and that during summer operation, open spots will be limited to the morning, but that night time bookings are possible. We just hope all this big screen gaming doesn't interfere with any showings of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, because that's a tear-jerking adventure with heart. Cineplex big screens available to Xbox gamers [CBC]


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@last_dread: Okay, no. America Ferrera is gold. Yes, I admit that Blake Lively is still a bit wooden, but at least she learned how to cry properly (somewhat). Alexis Bledel is too pretty so I forgive her for her subpar acting. And Amber Tamblyn's character was much more likeable this time.

But I'm a bit biased, because I loved the books. But I still thought the movie was really sweet. Although yes, the ending was WAY too clean, and the books don't really end on simple, clean notes. They just leave things in somewhat of a mess, but somewhat better than they were before...kinda, like, you know, real life? :P

Whatever. I admit I'm a sucker for sweet movies. Sue me.

As for the actual topic at hand, it's gonna be hard to book them for nights, because Cineplex would have to account for all the lost income from a normal movie showing, no?....