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Canada Joins U.S. Piracy Watch List

Illustration for article titled Canada Joins U.S. Piracy Watch List

We warned you, Canada. The ESA dropped us a line today to inform us that our neighbors to the north have officially made the U.S. Priority Watch List for failing to protect intellectual property.


The ESA applauds the United States Trade Representative's decision to add Canada to "the list", citing the numerous times the game industry has plead with the country to strengthen their laws, only to have said pleas fall on deaf ears. With the mod chips still flowing like wine from the Canadian border into the states, the U.S. government had no choice but to write the name of the country down next to some other countries. You hear that, Canada? We're watching you.

"Putting Canada on the ‘Priority Watch List' is a signal of the Obama Administration's commitment to strengthening global intellectual property protection, and its intent to address this issue firmly with the Canadian government," said Michael D. Gallagher, CEO of the ESA "Canada's weak laws and enforcement practices foster game piracy in the Canadian market and pave the way for unlawful imports into the U.S."


Canada joins China, Russia, India, Thailand, and seven other countries on the U.S.'s no doubt highly-effective Priority Watch List, which I'm certain they will be taken off of as soon as they show marked improvement in keeping their country piracy free.

"Canada contributes significantly to the development of today's leading games — creating thousands of high-paying jobs along the way. We are eager to see Canada become a full partner in protecting these products on the way to market," Gallagher noted.

Canada never really stuck me as the sort of country that needed a stern warning. If anything, it seems like a nice place to kick back and relax. Go figure.

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Komrade Kayce

Lucky for you Americans, we've only got one road in this country. So if you want to visit the Prime Minister, you've got a 50 percent chance of going the right way to see him. So you can demand our pirating ways stop.

Just watch out for Scott. He's a dick.