Canabalt Runs Onto PlayStation Platforms This Week

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Adam Saltsman's Canabalt, the 2009 flash game sensation and mobile gaming hit, is making its way to PS3, PSP and PS Vita through the PlayStation Mini offerings in the PlayStation Store.

Saltsman tweeted earlier this past week that the game already is available as a Mini in Europe, and it will arrive in North America sometime in the coming weeks. It's published by Beatshapers.

Saltsman has signed on to develop an action game based on the popular Hunger Games book series, which will "go along with" the film releasing this month.


via Joystiq

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Just played it for the first time because of this article. This is a "sensation"? Really? Can anyone explain why this is better than the other thousand flash games before it that work on the same principle of a scrolling screen and a jump button?

I'm not trying to be inflammatory. I am aware that I've barely given this game any time and am simply curious as to what makes it a "sensation" (just not curious enough to sink more time into it. I'm hungry and there's a curry downstairs waiting to be put on).