The man in the video below almost pulled off the perfect crime, walking out of a Walmart in Fleming Island, Florida with 54 copies of Madden 12 stuffed in his pants. His only misstep? Being the man in the video below.

Police in Fleming Island are currently looking for this man, who stood in front of a video camera while stuffing his cart with more than $3,000 worth of EA's annual football franchise. According to police reports, the man allegedly wheeled his cart over to the hardware section of the store, where he used a screwdriver to pry the games out of their protective, alarm setting-off shells.


I'm guessing the guy was planning on trading the discs in for cash at some other store. I can't imagine any other use for 54 copies of Madden 12.

Man Hides 54 'Madden' Video Games on Self, Walks out of Walmart [FirstCoastNews via Destructoid]

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