What game is this? It's a shooter. It's a Wii game. It's a sequel. And the previous game's box art doesn't look anything like this.

It's not Vanquish. Remember, this is a Wii game. And it's not a Halo game, despite the heavily armored super soldiers featured so prominently on the cover. It supports Wii MotionPlus, sports online and split-screen multiplayer.


It's also not Crysis. If you have StarCraft on the brain, it's not that either.

The title of the game does not start with the word "The."

Do you know it? Have you already looked down?

Yes, it's High Voltage Software's Conduit 2. Here it is in all its sci-fi shoot 'em up glory.

A very different pitch than the last Conduit game. For example, in The Conduit, the main character's gun is pointed to the right. On Conduit 2's box art, the biggest gun is pointed to the left. It's proof that visors are cooler than sunglasses. Heavy metal armor is clearly cooler than glowing skin tight super suits. Sega is shaking things up.


Here's the box art for The Conduit, for comparison's sake.


Which would you buy if you were judging this game by its cover?