Can the Swedish Super-Gamer Conquer Kid Icarus 3DS? Yes He Can.

In the first of three videos I shot of Kid Icarus: Uprising at E3, you can see here the efforts of one Swedish super-gamer who was making his third attempt to conquer the previously-unconquerable third level of the game's E3 demo. Watch as he beats this level into submission.

(The next video in the gallery shows the game's multiplayer mode.)

Here is the game's multiplayer mode, which has me and two other players going up against a trio of other players.


(The next video in the gallery shows the game's AR card mode.)

Finally, this is Kid Icarus: Uprising's augmented reality card-battle mode. Nintendo hasn't offered any details on how the cards will be sold, but at least you can see here how it works.

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I love being a leftie! I'll still probably buy this game and learn to use my right hand.