When a neo-nerd hipster douchebag joins Scott's old-school D&D game, it looks like heads are going to roll along with the dice. Help make this funny, original movie about geek culture a reality by donating!


The film is called Zero Charisma, and it's from an experienced group of filmmakers in Austin. They're raising money for pre-production via IndieGoGo. Based on this teaser trailer, I'm sold.

Here's what the filmmakers have to say about their film:

Scott Weidemeier spends his time in exactly three ways: working a menial job at a local donut shop, caring for his abusive grandmother, and running The Greatest Dungeons & Dragons Game of All Time. Though overbearing and short-tempered, Scott is a hero to his fellow players—that is, until neo-nerd hipster Miles Butler joins the game, fueling Scott's rampant insecurity and alienating him from his own players. Can Scott overcome his contempt for the mainstreaming of nerdery, or will this clash of the subcultures come to a head? . . . Though the topics of gaming and nerd culture are close to our hearts, our real passion for this story lies in the main character. Over the last year, we have taken great care to write someone who is neither your typical leading man, nor the archetypal nerd who exists only for laughs.


Though I'm leery of movies and TV shows that portray nerds as funny-looking weirdos with no social skills (I'm looking at you, Big Bang Theory), I liked the tone of this story because I felt like we were getting a chance to see the range of personalities into geek culture, from Scott's traditional game-obsessive to Miles' hipster nerd. I'm intrigued by getting to know Scott better, to find out what demons lurk behind his DM badassery. Plus, I've never seen a fictional take on the geek world schism between old-school basement dwellers and the neo-nerd types. I love the fact that somebody is telling a story about that.

The filmmakers are looking to raise $15,000 for pre-production costs for everything from casting to scripting, art direction, equipment, and crew. They've almost made their goal, so let's help them get a little extra to make the movie even more awesome than it looks like it will be.

Learn more about the movie, and help make it a reality by donating, on IndieGoGo.

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