Is it me, or is the Nintendo Download shrinking? This week we've got a beloved classic and the demo of an upcoming puzzle platformer for the 3DS, a spot the difference game for DSiWare, and that's pretty much it. I might cradle my Wii and cry.

At least it's a pretty great week for 3DS owners, what with the release of NES classic Metroid and a demo for Crush 3D, a remake of one of the most mind-bendingly twisted platformers ever to grace the PSP. They'll also be able to partake of DSiWare's Aahh! Spot the Difference, which is probably something someone out there is excited about.

But WiiWare? Nothing but a demo for Aya and the Cubes of Light, a game from last September that is lucky enough to get the demo treatment so the Wii side of the Nintendo Download doesn't look so empty. It doesn't count, so it doesn't make the list. My rules are completely arbitrary, yes, but they've also been certified awesome by several close friends you've never met before.

Without further ado, sparseness.

eShop (3DS)


Publisher: Nintendo
Price: $4.99
It's you against the evil Mother Brain in the thrilling battle of Metroid. The first installment in the immensely successful Metroid series introduces us to the hideous title creatures and the slick, cybernetic bounty hunter Samus Aran. As Samus, your mission is to penetrate the space pirates' home planet of Zebes and keep them from destroying the galaxy with dangerous life forms known as Metroids. Metroid has all the high-tech weaponry, creepy tunnels and crawly alien creatures that anyone could ask for. With its deep and complex game play, excellent music and a rare sense of setting, it establishes a frightening ambience that will haunt and entertain you for a very long time.


Crush 3D Demo
Publisher: Sega
Price: Nothing

Imagine being able to change from a 3D world to a 2D world at the touch of a button… Reinvented for the Nintendo 3DS, CRUSH 3D is the unique platform game that gives you the ability to change perspective from 2D to 3D as you try to solve brain-teasing puzzles. CRUSH 3D tells the story of Danny, an inquisitive character who volunteers to test his friend's amazing C.R.U.S.H. machine. This weird invention gives him amazing powers to explore his own dreams and fears, however, the machine soon becomes so attached to Danny, it traps him in his own subconscious. Now Danny needs your skills to help him escape. Packed with the best gameplay from the original CRUSH game plus a whole host of exciting new 3D features, CRUSH 3D takes platform gaming to a level that's as hard to put down, as it is to escape from…


DSiWare (DSi / 3DS)


Aahh! Spot the Difference
Publisher: Gamelion
Price: $1.99 /200 DSi Points

Demonstrate your skills of observation in this engaging "Spot the Difference" game! Complete 40 challenging levels in 4 unique scenarios by spotting the differences between the upper and lower screen. But you must be quick, as most of the objects and the camera are constantly moving. You can also test your skills in three additional modes: Survival, Speed Attack and Time Attack. You will earn one star for finding the required number of differences, two stars will be awarded if you find more, and if you find all the differences in the level you will receive three stars. Good luck!