To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: A Late Present

Wow! Nice picture. Nice frame, too.

I have loads of stuff I wanna get framed. When I was a kid, I collected autographs and like when I was ten or eleven, I wrote a buncha famous people letters asking for their signatures. I got a New Year's card from Ray Bradbury, an autograph from Vonnegut, a handwritten letter from Rosa Parks (who said she didn't think her sitting at the front of the bus would cause such a fuss!), Henry Kissinger's autograph, a letter from Ted Kennedy, a signed print from Jasper Johns, a signed picture from Sally Ride, a signed photo of Alan Greenspan in green ink (man, I was a fucked up little kid) and many more! Who knows if they're all 100 percent authentic as I didn't see them autograph them, but I'd like to think that Greenspan did his own autographing. Would love to put them up in my office with my framed Stone Roses signed picture and a signed picture from when I worked for Quentin Tarantino.

Odd thing is that I haven't collected any autographs in like eons. Kinda want to start up again — it's good fun, ya know.

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