To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Watch Pokemon Movie, Get Free Stuff, Japanese Kiddos! So last night Trish and Tristan came up to my loft office and gave me a late birthday present: A beautifully framed piece of art from I-Am 8 -Bit. It's a pretty amazing piece of art, especially with the color-matching frame. Can't wait until I figure out where to hang it. What you missed: Rockstar: GTA IV For PC in Nov 5211: World Braces for Crecente Clone Army SOCOM: Confrontation Priced, Dated Thai Ministry of Health's 10 Most Dangerous Games Eternity's Child Review - Pretty Hate Machine SOCOM: Confrontation Will Make You Love PSN Turner To Unload GameTap Resistance 2, Hold On To Those Resistance Saves Don't Let Sackboy's Cute Face Fool You, LBP Is Hard Warhawk Getting Jetpacks In New Patch, Says GameFAQs R&C: Quest for Booty Is For Everybody