As a father of a pair of twin boys addicted to musical television shows, I'm not sure the prospect of a Nintendo DS / iPhone dock alarm clock containing 30 songs from the hit children's show Yo Gabba Gabba is a blessing or a curse.

Nyko was showing off this colorful machine at their E3 2012 booth, and since I was heading that way I decided to stop by and sing a few songs with my good friend Muno, the tall red and bumpy member of DJ Lance Rock's twisted toy crew. The product is called Muno Time, and it might just free me up to play video games on my television instead of playing this damn television show every moment the children are awake.


Pressing a button featuring the key members of the show's cast triggers music sung primarily by that character. The plastic idol atop the device waves his arms as Brobee belts out "Party in my Tummy (So Yummy, So Yummy)", pink and flowery Foofa calms us with "Don't Be Afraid", and the robot Plex steals the show with the most educational song ever recorded, "Don't Bite Your Friends".

These are full songs, mind you, spanning three seasons of the hit television show. It's also a clock radio and a dock for your iDevice or DS-product, with colorful wires capable of connecting Nintendo's full range of clamshell handhelds.

And then there's the Brobee furry fanny pack, perfect for carrying portable electronics and delighting children everywhere. And since Brobee is one bipolar little furry guy, his smile can be turned into a frown at a moment's notice to indicate his displeasure over making fun of me for writing about Yo Gabba Gabba products.


I need one of the alarm clocks for my children's roomimmediately. I can tell little Seamus and Archer want to bite their friends, and only Plex the robot can pull them out of this dark and deviant spiral.

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