With so many highly anticipated titles coming out in November, the next entry in the Need for Speed franchise isn't getting nearly as much attention as it should, so EA plays its T&A card.

Ah, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the last barrier between the good people of America and a looming wave of internet porn. It's getting to the point where seeing women dressed is more exciting than seeing them naked, so seeing 2011 swimsuit issue cover model Irina Shayk and swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen fully dressed as rivals in Need for Speed: The Run should be particularly exciting.


EA revealed the models' presence in the game this morning, along with a special Sports Illustrated subscription plan that bundles the game, a making-of DVD, and the magazine together for $49.95.

"There are only a few companies that deliver upon the promise of excitement and innovation with every new product launch and EA stands at the top of that list. This is why it is very exciting that SI Swimsuit will be part of the latest edition of the Need for Speed franchise," said Frank Wall, vice president and publisher of Sports Illustrated. "I'm sure that the millions Swimsuit fans will be excited to see Irina and Chrissy behind the wheel and millions more will be introduced to franchise in a fun and unexpected way."


Perhaps those fans will finally realize that these women aren't just pieces of meat — they're bad voice actors as well.

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