Cameron Diaz Was (Almost) In Mortal Kombat

Most of the time, our news is fresh. It has that "new news" smell. But sometimes, our news is old. Like a fine wine. Like this vintage clip from a special on Cameron Diaz with some surprisingly game-related info.


Did you know Diaz had been cast as Sonya in the first Mortal Kombat movie? And only pulled out because she broke her hand having karate lessons? We didn't.

Imagine of the most beautiful and successful actresses of our generation, and she was one broken hand from throwing it all away...


[Ed Boon @ Twitter, thanks Frank!]

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What are you guys smoking? Mortal Kombat was a fantastic movie! I think you guys might be confusing it with Mortal Kombat II, which is still known to cause diarreah, nausea and internal bleeding.