Call Your Mom, Thank Her Right Now

Firstborn children aren't the only ones that turn one. So do new mothers. Here's a beautiful expression of gratitude.


About three months ago, my wife gave birth to our third son. Maybe because I was there in the delivery room, and maybe because we still have a little baby at home, this commercial really hit me in the feelings.

The spot is in Japanese, but there are English subtitles.

MOM'S 1ST BIRTHDAY ママも1歳、おめでとう [PampersJapan@YouTube]

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I'm crying like a little baby. This was beautiful! I love how it was so very simple, yet moving. It does somehow give off a vibe that there's a barrier between the mother-and-child team and the father though? I don't have children myself, so I'm not sure what that dynamic is like.
Also, congratulations on your third child! May they all grow up to be healthy and happy.