Call of Duty's Zombie Easter Eggs Were Too Hard, So Cold War Season 2 Is Simplifying Things

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Secrets have long been a part of the Call of Duty Zombies formula. But while players have loved hunting for Easter eggs to reveal new bits of lore, according to Black Ops Cold War developer Treyarch, very few players find these secrets in-game. So for its latest take on zombies, Treyarch has decided to make the secrets easier to find.


In an interview with IGN India, Corky Lehmkuhl, the Studio Creative Director at Treyarch, said that even though “so much development time goes into” easter eggs, less than two percent of players were finding and unlocking the secrets that the studio had hidden in its various zombie levels. So Treyarch decided that in Cold War’s Season 2 it would make Easter eggs more “accessible” to allow more players to experience all of the new zombies mode.

Since the first versions of the popular zombies game mode began appearing in the Call of Duty franchise, the modes have become famous for their hard-to-find, strange and convoluted secrets. As the series progressed, these Easter eggs became one of the main ways Call of Duty developers like Treyarch moved the narrative forward, while building on the lore of the universe. This led to a situation where most players weren’t able to experience these new narrative beats because they couldn’t find the Easter eggs or weren’t skilled enough to pull them off.

The change doesn’t mean no secrets; Lehmkuhl said, “There are some side Easter Eggs that are still somewhat obscure and you’ll have to find, but for the main quest we just wanted more players to experience it.”

Meanwhile, Call of Duty zombies continues to grow. The recently-added Outbreak, the newest CoD mode starring the undead, is a massive mode featuring open-world maps, interconnected areas, and various objectives. And I expect more zombies and Easter eggs will appear in future seasons of Call of Duty.

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Elihu Aran

This is probably mostly because I never played CoD (didn’t appeal to me, please don’t fight me), but I always found calling the CoD secrets where you have to do things in an order to do something “Easter Eggs” a bit of a misnomer. I realize we didn’t have the name for it then, but they’re basically escape room puzzles, right? An Easter Egg is like finding a Doomguy figurine hiding in some corner nobody would normally look, whereas an intricate set of switches and puzzles is just a secret. This is just my incredibly lukewarm take as a pleb.