Call of Duty: World At War DLC Said To Buck Tradition

Considering that the downloadable content offered for previous Call of Dutys consisted of run-of-the-mill map packs, deviating from that path shouldn't prove difficult. But World at War executive producer Daniel Suarez is still being mysterious.

He tells MTV Multiplayer that the team has "potentially two, maybe three packs" planned for the fifth core Call of Duty title. If they were as simple as Modern Warfare's "Variety" map pack or Call of Duty 3's duo of similar content, he probably wouldn't be so cagey about dishing details.


Hmmm... would Nazi werewolves fall under "what we’ve done traditionally"?

Activision: ‘Call of Duty: World At War’ DLC Will Be Unusual, Announced In 2009 [MTV Multiplayer]


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