Call of Duty Thief Escapes in Waiting Getaway Car

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Is it just me or are Call of Duty thefts starting to sound more and more like missions from the game?

The latest snatch and grab of the Activision shooter happened last week when a man swiped ten copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from a display stand at a Tesco in the England's Bishop Storford.

The thief, described as white, aged 19-22, about 5ft 7in tall, with a thin build, was wearing a black hooded top with black jogging bottoms. After snatching the games, he ran past the check-outs and into a waiting Ford Fiesta. OK, maybe next time switch out the Ford Fiesta for something a little less embarrassing and throw in a couple of smoke grenades for good measure.


Computer game thief escapes in getaway car[Hertsand Essex Observer]

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This reminds me of a funny story ...

Back in the holiday season of 1996, I was managing a Funcoland. We had a dot-matrix nightly report printer, the kind that had the paper feed with the spiked rollers and holes on the side of the paper.

That report printer broke and we needed to send it back to corporate to get a replacement.

This was literally the same week that the N64 system had launched, was in very high demand and very short supply nationwide.

So, we took the broken report printer and all of it's bulky, heavy components and packed it up in a box that had previously contained 4 Nintendo 64 systems labeled it to be sent back to our corporate office and placed it near the front door of the store for our UPS deliverypeson to pick up.

The box did have clear markings on it that listed that it was a shipping container from NOA (Nintendo of America) and may have even had details that it (previously) contained N64 systems.

About an hour after we placed the box near the door, a car pulled up outside of the store a man jumped out ran into our store, grabbed the box - which SAID N64 Systems on it, but in reality only contained a broken dot-matrix printer, sprinted out, jumped in the car and sped away.

The staff of the store and all of the customers that were present stared at the whole thing as it happened, and as shocked as we were, we all had a good laugh when I explained that the thief who must have been casing that box for some time was going to get home and discover that all he had was a broken printer.