Call Of Duty Players Are Getting Quick Nukes Thanks To Spawn Camping On New Map

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Screenshot: Activision (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

Tactical nuke kill streaks are supposed to be hard to get in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but some players have been getting them incredibly fast thanks to bad spawn points on the game’s Shipment map.


Over the weekend the TapXNation YouTube channel put up a video showing a player by the name of Streaking racking up kills in record time by camping out at one of the spawns in Shipment, an extremely tiny map from Call of Duty 4 that was added to the game last week. Within 40 seconds, this player manages to get the 30 kills needed to unleash a tactical nuke and automatically win the match, all by simply aiming down a single alley that houses multiple spawn points for the enemy team.

Streaking isn’t the only player to pull off a feat like this. A video shared on Reddit last Friday showed another player doing the exact same thing and getting a nuke in 41 seconds. Shipment is small enough that it’s possible for a full team of players to coordinate themselves across the map so that opponents are forced into spawning along the open area where they can be easily clobbered.

While spawn traps like these have always been a part of Shipment’s legacy, some players feel like the latest incarnation of it in this year’s Modern Warfare is particularly bad because of the positioning of the cargo crates that leave every player respawning in the area extra exposed.

Another player called Atrocity managed to get a nuke within 31 seconds just yesterday, and estimates that it could be achieved in as little as 20 seconds with more luck and practice. It’s not clear if or when Activision will try to tweak Shipment to alleviate the problem, but at least for now Call of Duty players have an interesting new speedrunning challenge to throw themselves at.

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SHIPMENT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE A TEAM BASED MAP! that was the reason it mainly showed up in Free For All playlist in CoD4. people only liked shipment to farm xp and kills. Fuck this map forever. it’s the multiplayer equivalent of being shoved into series of broom closets where in each new one, someone jumps out and kicks you in the nuts and shoves you into the next room.