Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Camera Angles And Hitboxes Are Still Pretty Broken

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Post-launch updates are slowly improving Modern Warfare, but there are still major issues that need to be addressed to make it a less frustrating Call of Duty.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer plays much more slowly than other recent entries in the franchise. Unless you’re playing the tiny “Shoot House” map, which has become the “Nuketown” of Modern Warfare, you’re probably slogging through a million doors and becoming suspicious of every corner. Player awareness feels more crucial than ever, and you might often find yourself pressed up against the corner of a building or creeping along a wall for cover. However, a more tactical play style is currently hindered by Modern Warfare’s seemingly broken camera angles.

YouTuber “TheXclusiveAce” uploaded a video that reveals very inaccurate player perspectives when hugging those precious corners. His footage tests out camera angles in private matches, which shows that a player can be greatly visible to opponents even though their personal perspective shows them hidden behind cover. This exposure feels too great to write off as a simple case of “peeker’s advantage” in a first-person shooter, and I can’t recall a Call of Duty where this was such a prevalent issue.

The easiest (and most upsetting) place to notice this problem is the 2v2 Gunfight mode. I’ve personally experienced these camera issues on various Gunfight maps. Although I’ll think I’m protected by cover in a crucial 1v1 situation, I instead face shocking death, and then the killcam after shows me very much exposed from the enemy’s perspective.

You don’t even have to be mounted and peeking around a corner, as this unintended exposure can happen while just standing closely behind a full wall of cover. My Gunfight partner and I always just shrugged off the deaths as bad lag, but Ace’s video shows this to be a deeper problem within Modern Warfare’s multiplayer.

Credit: TheXclusiveAce

Wonky camera angles aren’t the only thing causing rage-worthy deaths in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. There’s also pretty sketchy hit detection for the Operators. Shots on certain points of the arms and torsos are awarding hit markers but not always registering damage to your enemies.

A clip from Reddit user “hruebsj3i6nunwp29” shows a good example of the inconsistencies in the hit detection.


Broken character hitboxes aren’t new to Call of Duty. Infinite Warfare’s robot “Synaptic” had some pretty questionable hitboxes as well. But this issue is definitely adding to the ongoing frustrations of playing Modern Warfare in its current state. It’s an awful feeling to flank a camper who’s been causing such grief, but still die because all the shots fired into their side failed to inflict any damage at all.

Going beyond the shoddy hitboxes, certain equipment is also affecting the hit detection. Some players are posting videos of their frustration against riot shield users, who can sometimes become completely invulnerable to any damage from any angle. Modern Warfare’s shield already seems to possess the vibranium durability of Captain America’s, but with this glitched state, it can act as a 360-degree bubble of protection.


Reddit user “Deztard” has a video of their encounter with the so-called “God mode” riot shield. The opponent has a shield on their back, but all shots to the Operator’s exposed body failed to inflict any damage.

While not an overly common occurrence, it’s worth noting that the Operators’ body poses are also not always showing accurately. Sometimes a character is shown looking down at the ground or with their weapons pointed at the sky, but in reality, they already have you in their sights. This makes it risky to rush in for a quick melee or execution kill on someone who appears to be looking up at the sky for a UAV. In a match of Cyber Attack, my teammates had to tell me that my Operator was walking around with her gun pointed at the ground, because everything looked normal from my perspective.


A few post-launch updates have addressed crashing issues, loud footsteps, and weapon imbalances. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is slowly getting better than the initial impressions of poor map designs and campy play styles. However, these large issues still remain unresolved.



The hitbox thing is especially noticeable if you like to flank. It’s usually not egregious, but there was a particular game on Euphrates Bridge yesterday that had me clawing my eyes out. 6 shots of .357, 6 hit markers but no kill, dude turned around and casually popped me while I was reloading.