Producer Hints Call of Duty: Ghosts May Release on Wii U [Corrected]

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Through the game's original announcement and since its next-generation console reveal, Activision has steadfastly refused to say if the game was coming to Wii U. The game's executive producer, however, indicated that it may.


[Correction] An earlier version of this story reported that Rubin confirmed the game's appearance on Wii U. He only said they were not discussing such a version yet. The headline of this story and its phrasing have been revised to reflect this.

Mark Rubin, speaking to GameSpot at an E3 stage show yesterday, said the game will get a Wii U release but "we're not actually talking about the Wii U yet." You'll love the reason why. "Because we want to keep it mysterious. That's PR guys, that's not my fault."

So. Thanks for not giving a straight answer to a simple question, Activision PR. "We're not talking about Wii U yet," as Rubin himself said, would have been an honest answer that doesn't rule out a version for that console. It's not like the Wii U is an insignificant constituency and it's not like they don't get super pissed off when the year's biggest release appears to be held back from their platform of choice, whether or not they plan to buy it. What was going to happen here, were we going to see some showcase event for the Xbox One and PS4 and then ... wait! That's the Wii U's music!

As for a release date for Call of Duty: Ghosts: Mysterious Edition or whatever, that's hard to peg, too. Current generation console versions (and PC) release on Nov. 5. But when asked what generation Infinity Ward considers Wii U, Rubin said "that's probably in the next gen bin." Next gen Ghosts is planned for day-and-date console release, Rubin said. So will Wii U fans have to wait until both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hit shelves?

The relevant commentary begins at 13:02 of the video linked below.

Call of Duty: Ghosts—E3 2013 Stage Demo [GameSpot]


The Logic and Rationale Police

Wii-U is getting the next-gen version or current-gen?

I'm not sure what the graphics would be on the current gen COD: Ghosts though. No tessellation, worse textures and lighting that's for sure.