Call Of Duty Devs Warn Of Gamertag Imposters

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The multiplayer trailer for the latest Call of Duty game had some gamertags featured, and some unscrupulous souls are taking advantage of that to scam people on Xbox Live.


Josh Olin and David Vonderhaar, from Call of Duty: Black Ops developers Treyarch, have alerted fans of the game to the fact that someone is contacting Xbox 360 players claiming to be a Treyarch employee, assuming the identity of the gamertags that appear in the clip.


As Vonderhaar points out, because the game is still in development, it's not being played on public Xbox Live servers, nor is it being played using those developer's actual gamertags (they're temporary ones used when messing with the game on partnernet, Microsoft's Xbox Live testbed).

What these scammers are actually up to, Vonderhaar doesn't say, but it's not likely to be requests for an afternoon of pleasant discourse and a cup of tea. So if someone contacts you saying they work for Treyarch, stay away!

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If someone contacted me saying they work for Treyarch, I would punch them in the face because they work for Treyarch.