This Is Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer In Action

We know very little about the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops, except that there will be competitive multiplayer, separate co-op and, for PC gamers, dedicated servers. Any other facts or hints may be in this debut multiplayer trailer.

The end of the trailer shows an in-game screen and video capture tool. But surely that's not the only surprise in here. Call of Duty fans, what stands out for you?

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Ugh, what a horrible era of gaming this is. Every other game is a clone of one that was popular amongst adolescent males.

What happened to the adventure games? The platformers? The puzzle games? Where are the games that create genres or push an existing genre into the next century?

It's all, guns, guns, guns, guns, explosions, America against the god damn world, more explosions and men being testosterone fueled stereotypical army guys.

Give me a game that makes me laugh, cry, shit myself, question my own place in the universe, question reality itself, develop a new level of respect for the human race. Not the mindless SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT, HIDE, SHOOT shit.

P.S. Fuck Activision. Don't buy their games.