Call of Duty Creators Tease new Game With Second Blurry Image

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Back in the Summer Respawn Entertainment, home to the creators (and many of the developers) behind the Call of Duty and Modern Warfare franchises, teased their upcoming project with a single image.


There's now a second one.

It's about as useless as the first, but given the expectations around whatever it is Respawn come up with out the gates, there's no shame in staring at it for a while projecting your hopes and dreams into the blur.


While I could see factories in the first image, in this one I see...well, there's two men in the bottom right. And the sky. So it'll feature men and skies. If I was going to be adventurous I'd say I could also see dinosaurs and a jungle, but I don't feel particularly adventurous today.

Respawn Entertainment [Official Site, via NeoGAF]

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I enhanced it a bit in camera raw. the enhanced colors may provide a little more insight into what is being shown. To me, it looks as if two guys (bottom right) are at the edge of a forest, as seen by the greenery. Beyond the forest is a beach, with the ocean on the left side, as seen by the small hint of blue. And in the background, I see what may be a erupting volcano. So overall, I am thinking a factional, prehistoric type setting (Time Travel), or one of the Hawaiian islands.

Let me know what you think.

Edit: I also realized that the hug grey blob on the left side, may be a army guy running. You can even make out a dark, gun shaped figure.